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Time to SSL your SEO

Time to SSL your SEO

I’ve long suspected it! Well long.. ok maybe a month or 2 and now it’s a fact. A few months ago I’ve started making an extensive SEO Profile for our Samsung unlock website to see how we are performing and keep track of changes. Now there have been various algorithm changes as we al...

Categories: Internet Marketing

Let’s meet during my ‘holiday break’ in Orlando Florida!

Let’s meet during my ‘holiday break’ in Orlando Florida!

Everybody needs a holiday break, and this year my break will be.. work BUT it’s work and party in Orlando, Florida at the Marketing Mayhem Live event!You know who else is coming? The one and only Vanilla Ice, ice ice baby And of course a whole list of awesome speakers like:- Mike Filsaime- Joe...

The bad side of hiring online – Kursat Kahyaoglu

When hiring other people online sometimes things don’t go as they should in 99% of all cases this get’s solved privately but in this case I want to make an exception just because I’ve never seen somebody I tried to hire react so ridiculous and then even started threatening my busin...

Categories: Internet Marketing

Do you work with (UI / UX) Designers? This tool will amaze you (free)!

Ok so during development of not 2 but 3 SaaS projects during last year up until right now I made a TON of stupid mistakes and I wanted to share my biggest lesson and a Free Tool that is helping me a lot. My biggest SaaS development lesson: First finish your User Interface only THEN start developme...

Site Speed Up! CDN and WordPress horror

We all know People and Google like fast sites and I know this site has been lacking a bit but I just made a big step forward using a CDN. For my bigger (money) websites I always use CDN’s, but I never took the effort to buy a CDN zone for this website and some […]...

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