7 12 Day Start Up.. Day 10 & day 11 TOMORROW!


I’m SUPER excited to announce that tomorrow will be the day the AdConnect MVP goes live!

Welcome! In this blog post series I’m keeping track of the progress for our 712 Day Start Up challenge project.

During this challenge I’m creating a fully working SaaS MVP ready to use and receive customers in 7 days. In my previous post I provided my plan of attack and a explanation of the concept of the product.

In the last 2 days I pull a few late nights and didn’t have any energy left to do a write up on the day so in this post I’ll describe what has been done the last two days.

Day 10 was a ‘boring’ day and completely focused on testing and fixing bugs to make sure all functionalities in the MVP are working and AdConnect is really usable at the (soft)launch (and not, have a look around and please come back in 30 days).

Day 11 was again more testing and bug fixing and I added various of the reporting functionality. To do that I had to extend the data model (and do various changes to the existing model) and create the needed controllers and models to handle the ajax request. The actual reporting won’t be fully working tomorrow because I’ve set up the system to be able to deal with fairly large data sets without slowing usability down. This means the data processing is done with cron jobs and only after its processed into reports it will be visible to the users. These cron jobs are not yet created, so the data is getting logged and saved its just not getting processed. I think I’ll have this done by Monday or Tuesday.

This stats logging setup also means we’ll have a delay, I think for now I’ll set it to 15 minutes and we’ll see how that goes in the future. But at least using this log data processing method we are set for speed for a good time to come. The logging + processing can be easily decoupled of the app and processed on other servers, other database types etc if necessary.

AdConnect version overview

AdConnect version overview

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