7 12 Day Start Up.. day 8 – managed to crash FF


Today I finished the editor and the various added features and adaptions for AdConnect but…

Welcome! In this blog post series I’m keeping track of the progress for our 712 Day Start Up challenge project.

During this challenge I’m creating a fully working SaaS MVP ready to use and receive customers in 7 days. In my previous post I provided my plan of attack and a explanation of the concept of the product.

Just before closing down I ran into a bug when switching between landings page versions in the editor when changes were made to both versions. For some reason my javascript engine manages to crash Firefox. It completely freezes up and becomes unresponsive and the culprit seems to be a simple line of code where I parse a json string to an javascript Object…

Well I don’t have the mental fitness anymore to try and tackle that problem so I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll fix this problem, create the short URL creation and saving functionality for the different landings page versions and with that also the landings page versions controllers + view implementation.

After that is done the main functionality for AdConnect is there and all that is left are a few controllers for the general usability of the app and of course some testing.

After MVP launch the first development task will be to do a thorough memory usage of the Flecha Remote Editor to see if we have any leaks and to make it a bit more snappy (faster) to further improve usability.

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