#7DayStartUp Day 7


The official last day of the 7DS challenge and boy I was productive…. /sarcasm

Welcome! In this blog post series I’m keeping track of the progress for our 7 Day Start Up challenge project.

During this challenge I’m creating a fully working SaaS MVP ready to use and receive customers in 7 days. In my previous post I provided my plan of attack and a explanation of the concept of the product.

Ok so today I was suppose to finish up the editor make it working and do the needed adaptions and customizations for AdConnect…

For some reason I spend the whole afternoon dicking around, I got it in my head to look into PHP asynchronous code execution which is interesting but really not necessary for this project at the moment. I did ran into a, to me new, framework called Swoodle which looks very interesting.

I did manage to make the editor working (yeej for me):

AdConnect Editor

AdConnect Editor

Finished one major adaption in the back-end and fixed a few bugs still remaining in the editor.

Because I wasn’t very productive today I need to really hit it tomorrow and finish the editor so I can start with the remaining (more simple) controllers plus their implementation to make AdConnect launchable.

Although the challenge is now officially over I’ll continue the daily ‘work-out-loud’ approach for AdConnect here until it is finished. It is a good way to keep myself accountable and keep kicking it until it stands and works.

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