ADConnect which direction would you go? (+ stats are implemented!)


On a private forum with fellow entrepreneurs I recently posted a question asking which direction ADConnect should go…

And I though well following our ‘work-out-loud’ approach so far why not also publish it on our blog, so here we go:

Earlier this month on a somewhat spontaneous decision I decided to go along with Dan Norris’ 7 Day Startup Challenge’ and build a SaaS MVP (MVP in my definition is software with working core features that already offer value but just still the very basics).

Although I didn’t get to finish in 7 day it took 12 days, which is still a huge win compared to previous projects which took 7-10 months before getting to beta.

Now I’m trying to decide in which direction to go and I would love to hear your opinion!

The product is called Flecha AdConnect (

What does it do?
Ad situation

It is an online software (SaaS) that helps people to increase Ad Quality Score (thus lower CPC) and increase conversions.

Most people do advertising as in the left situation in the image above..

If you do it that way you are loosing money and missing conversions. There is a ton of research on it online and even Google themselves say it’s a bad idea.

What you should do is create unique -perfectly matching- landings pages for each and every one of your ads even when testing out ads like in the right side of the image above.

Obviously cloning your landings page 10 – 30 times and then making changes etc is a lot of work hence I build AdConnect to make this process as easy and as fast as possible.

To use ADConnect you install a tag (like Google Analytics) and then load an existing landings page in our editor and you can quickly create multiple versions. Then save these version and for each version you get a unique forward SHORT URL that will load that version on the original URL (and the page will stay that way for 30 days for that particular visitor).

Test it out here:

1. open the Original page:

2. open ‘a’ ADConnect version:

Using our short URL in an ad or while using another click tracker like bitly the visitor wouldn’t even see our short URL

ADConnect Editor Screenshot

ADConnect Editor Screenshot

Now can you do the same with VWO or Optimizely?
Yes, basically the core of what I build is a split testing engine but I’m positioning it differently and usage of AdConnect is meant on a permanent basis not on a ‘split testing premises’, pricing will be lower and thus more accessible to everybody compared to these split test solutions providers and it will be super easy and fast to use.

Also its not particularly easy to do the same inside these split test tools because that is simply not their core functionality. I had to dig into their documentation to find out it was even possible (and I use to be a big VWO user).

Now in our minds there are 2 directions we can go:

1. Add ad creation. So give a full package. First create the different landings page versions and then provide software to help create ads.

2. Go the split testing route. So on top of the different landings page versions also offer split testing. So back to the situation image above you have 3 landings page versions and then on each version also offer split testing capabilities (so basically adding a 3rd layer in the situation image above on the right side)

In addition to which-ever route we’re going these features are also already planned:

– Implement conversion tracking per ad version (and totals)

– Ad funnel visualizer (which includes tracking per unique ad clicker throughout the funnel where the goal is long term ad clicker value return visualization; so 1 person clicks your ad, how much $ does this 1 person earn you over 3 or 6 months)

The question:

Which direction would you like to see happen? 1 or 2 or maybe something completely different?

Would love to hear your feedback!

P.s. we just implemented stats processing now (we were already tracking stats just didn’t yet process the logs before). Stats will be further expanded in due time including with the Ad Funnel Visualizer feature.

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