The cost of 2 months snowboarding in Switzerland


“brule”: a bullshit rule
A society imposed ‘unwritten’ etiquette / rule / recommendation made up by people tens up to hundreds of years ago and completely irrelevant and obsolete.

Like for example:  ‘You have to get up early if you want to be successful in life’ – Complete and utter nonsense:

I’m currently living in Switzerland for 2 months to snowboard and work, and as you can see loving it!

Why Switzerland?
Well to be honest Switzerland would never be my first choice but it was one of the few countries in Europe I hadn’t visited to go snowboarding yet….

A friend of mine via the DC told me about a sort of ‘kickstarter’ promotion where they sell a season(!) pass for just 222CH (that is like 205 euro). I could not let this promo pass me by as this is to ridiculously good so I bought it on a whim with just less than 2 hours to go for the kickstarter to close.

After buying it I was afraid that getting an apartment was going to be super expensive (being Switzerland and all). We searched on various sites and found a nice apartment on AirBnB for like $1500 a month and instead of going through AirBnB we asked a local friend to directly contact the owner and cut a deal. It turned out to be a great deal where we ended up paying around 550 USD a month per person (1 apartment shared with 2 people in the village of Saas Fee).

So that put us on 1300 USD for 2 months of snowboarding in Switzerland! Not to bad at all, if you would go to any other European country for wintersport for just one week you’d spend pretty much the same.

Now the only thing sorta expensive here are the groceries and going out. 11CH for a goulash soup, 10CH for a hot chocolate with Rum, 5CH for a small beer,  15CH for 300 gram of salmon (supermarket), 18CH (for +/- 300 gram of steak supermarket)  in other words the prices for food and drinks are high.

So far I’ve spend 351 USD on groceries for 1 person for 2 weeks. Not too bad at all but just note that I’m pretty cheap when it concerns to groceries. I don’t eat a lot and don’t buy a lot of stuff (doing Intermittent Fasting also helps).

This all means that even when living in Switzerland I’m still managing to save money (to invest back in my businesses) – my point being: everybody can do it! Follow your dreams, stop having that limiting believe its to expensive and just do it!

What is your next destination?