Day 12: MVP launch! Welcome to AdConnect



I’m super happy to announce that Flecha AdConnect MVP is live! Although I didn’t make the 7 days from the ‘7 day start up challenge‘ I’m happy we did make it in 12 days.

If I compare a 12 day MVP to our previous products I can proudly say that just 12 days is HUGE progress!

Now I’ve been told multiple times by very smart people that when you put your MVP out there for people to use you should feel a bit ashamed of the product. That actually means you’re launching at a good moment as though if you launch something and you are 100% happy with it it means you launched way, way to late (I’ve been there).

That said going through the app myself I sometimes shiver a little when I see various things not there yet, not optimal or god forbid even a bug or 2. I have NEVER launched an app this early but I did everything I could to at least make the software fully functional so it actually does already offer great value to its early users.

A little secret…. the system to check if trial accounts are about to expire or are expired does not yet exists :). So if you subscribe now you have a yet undefined trial period all free. We’ll only start counting the trial periods for all users as soon as this system will be implemented and we’ll of course notify all users when that happens by email and our blog.

So for now the landings page copy and (obviously) the video aren’t top-notch yet but all this will be updated and tested in due time…

First order of business is a serious usability improvement in the editor making switching between landings page versions way faster and I’m sure in the coming days we’ll run into more bugs. If you happen to find one please do let me know!

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