Finally: Interactive Videos for everybody!


An example video says more then words:

I created this video myself in under 30 minutes (first time use) and I’m a programmer, which means I’m not quite the designer ;). I’m sure you can do a lot better then me!

My full review


– GREAT NEWS: Josh told me they would implement custom variables (e.g. Name of viewer, images?) to be passed to the video dynamically which will create the option for truly personalized videos. When this update will be released I’ll create an example and send it to my email list!

– GREAT NEWS: Josh told me yesterday evening that they are going to implement ‘export to mp4’ with the technology I suggested to him

– Facebook timeline video play: ok so I still think it is possible but its harder then I had hoped. Right now it seems its going to be a lot more work then I have time for. I’ll do some more experimenting tomorrow but if that doesn’t result in anything that shows real promise it’s not going to happen from my side.

My bonus package

  1. 10K ad click account (worth $120 USD /month)

    With the ‘custom variable’ update the combi ADConnect with VIDGeos will be VERY powerful (see review video for explanation)!
  2. Amazing VIDGEO template (worth $497)

    For you to use as you wish (copy parts for your own videos etc)
  3. MotionDocs (worth $297)

    An great template pack of documents to sell your services and brand yourself as an expert. Just put your logo and you’re good to go!

    motion docs
  4. ConversionTimer Wordpres plugin (worth $37)

    A great designed plugin that helps you increase conversions by adding scarcity!


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