Flecha Inc.

A Location Independent Development & Consulting company


"One Disruptive Thought to Rule Them All

We emerge ourselves into new niches to find problems the market experiences and then we set out to create web and/or mobile applications to solve those problems with out-of-the-box solutions. 

We religiously track all development processes to continuously improve our processes for developing superior SaaS & Mobile app products in terms of code quality, speed of delivery, security and user experience. 

In short: 

We hack <? SaaS ? Web : App /> Development


The CTO as a Service Package

Let's Take a Look at What's Inside-The-Box

Dev work-flow Setup

DevOps Architecture Plan

Technology Plan

Intranet Setup

Team / Hiring Plan

Development 'Book'

(Collection of guides, SOPs, best practices etc)

Everything you need to get setup with your new SaaS/App Startup!

"Flecha Inc has a Dutch 'no-bs' approach and setup everything we needed in no-time with very clear instructions. All our Technical project manager needed to do was enforce the guidelines and manage" - KV Technology Limited

And that's not all...

For fast-Action takers We Have These

Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus #01

We help you hire your CTO / VP of engineering / Tech Project Manager

Bonus #02

We analyze your startup concept, marketing strategy & marketing plan and provide 10 hours of high level consulting

Get Instant Access to

The CTO as a Service Package Along with...

Full work-flow Setup

All Plans from concept to scaling

The full development book to get the best out of your team!

Hire our Implementer (CTO / VP / Manager)

Critical feedback on your plan to get to product-market fit

Spaces are Limited!

As this CTO as a Service package is a very work intensive contract we can only serve a few clients at a time, on top of that most companies we work with also decide to hire us for an ongoing contract for ongoing consulting services, team management, technology strategies implementation we can only offer our services depending on the amount of experienced CTO's we have available and not already fully booked.

Don’t Worry…We will of course sign your NDA and non-compete agreements!

Your new startup is unique and has enormous potential, I mean why else would you even start it? A start-up either bootstrapped of (VC) funded is NEVER the easy road to take.

But that is of course also not what you are looking for, you thrive on the challenge and the possibility to make a positive impact on the world! You will have plenty of challenges ahead, let us help you set you up on the technology-side of things to give you a great head start.

Note; I'm not promising you will never have tech-headache's because if you are building a SaaS / Web-app 100% you will at some point. What we offer is a head start by a few miles

BTW Our services work both for start-ups starting in an office or fully remote teams! We have the most experience with fully remote teams to leverage geo-arbitrage and the most freedom for the founders to not just create a unicorn start-up but also actually LIVE LIFE!

That’s my promise to you!

Let's Recap Once More What ALL You Are Getting with The CTO as a Service Package

Full work-flow setup


Future planning

Set yourself up on the right path

All instructions needed

For high quality code & onboarding

Get your first crucial hires DONE

Product-market fit is your #1 and ONLY goal when you get started.

To your success,

Steven van der Peijl - CEO of Flecha Inc

Frequently Asked Questions



Is this a one-time payment or do I have to pay every month?

The package is a one-time payment. We offer various monthly contracts to follow up depending on your needs

 How soon can I start seeing results?

After (first) payment is done it will take a few weeks to see the setups be implemented and soon after the plans will be presented


Is there a money back guarantee?

Due to the amount of work involved there is no money-back guarentee. Before you spend any money we will show you EXACTLY what we will provide you. So there will be no suprises

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