YES, I want to know more about your CTO-as-a-Service package!

In order to user our CTO-as-a-Service package,

 you need to:

Have you SaaS / Web-app concept fully ready – Meaning that you know your market, customer avatar, full detailed concept, mockups ready (we can help with that) and have all this properly documented.

You are financially ready - No matter if you bootstrap or getting funded. You need to have your financial plan ready, we will help you with dial that down for the tech side but we need to know your limits!

Have a first version of a business plan – who are your initial team members, what is your mission & vision, where do you see your start-up in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years?

Be excited AF – This is going to be your live 60-80 hours a week for the next years. If you aren't both nervous, scared and excited AF you aren't going to make it!


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